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Total DX+ is a natural blend of fruit nutritional enzymes. Combine health and beauty with a detox and weight loss process.
Taking Total DX+'s unique blend not only improves our digestive system, it also improves nutrient absorption and supports your overall health. Mainly helps with healthy detoxification. It contains high amounts of enzymes and fiber, which strengthen the immune system and promote more efficient food breakdown.

TOTALDX+ 10 benefits of

1. Supports healthy weight management
2. Remove toxins and waste
3. Promote colon cleansing
4. Support immunity
5. Enhance memory and improve sleep problems
6. Natural anti-aging effects
7. Improve digestive health and cardiovascular system
8. Promote healthy circulation
9. Improve chronic and major diseases
10. Anti-free radicals and antioxidants

Main ingredients of DX+

Known as the "Tree of Life", it contains essential plant proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for the human body. It is especially beneficial for vegetarians.

The calcium content is 4 times that of milk!
The potassium content is 3 times that of bananas!
Contains twice the protein as yogurt!
Contains 7 times more vitamin C than citrus!
Contains 4 times more vitamin A than carrots!